The Viral Franchise by I Wanna Be Rich™

The Most Powerful System Ever Released To The General Public!

What IS A Viral Franchise?
The Viral Franchise is an unrivaled niche advertising opportunity for the make money online industry, our target market consists of advertisers who are looking to promote money making products and services as well as promoters to assist us in promoting those products and services for those advertisers. 

How Hard Is It To Make Money?
That depends on your online marketing skills, some Viral Franchise owners average 10 sales every month while others average 1 every three months. The best thing about our system though is that our sales quota is a mear 2, if everyone in the Viral Franchise made 1 sale right now they would all break even with their expenses but its when everyone starts making that second sale where their daily and monthly recurring incomes start to explode.

How Long Does It Take To Make Big Money?
Its going to take time and dedication BUT its also just so incredibly easy. If you commit yourself to the monthly operating expenses (less then $10 dollars) and maintain a minimum 50 hits to your personal Viral Franchise link things will work themselves out. Send a combonation of quality hits and cheap traffic to make our service more appealing, for faster downline results join via Synergetics and for more recurring income opportunities buy Sales Cuts while participating in our Log In Lottery. 

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